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"Changing the way our clients think about tutoring by the experiences and dedication levels of our tutors"

Jerry Kao, Co-Founder/Director

OUR vision

Our customized tutoring is a proven method for raising your standardized-test scores which in turn has the potential to make or break your college or grad-school application. We believe with our Adaptive Matching Process we can pair the perfect teacher for our students.

Computer Class

OUR promise

Our highly qualified team of tutors is able to raise your test scores significantly through personalized, individual classes and one-on-one study sessions in almost any subject. Our students score 20 percents higher than other SAT/ACT boot camp who jams all the informations in one summer, in addition students also result with a stronger foundations.



Changing the way public think about tutoring by providing personalized tutoring services and guidance to help young people transform goals into achievements

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