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I can honestly say that Jerry was one of the best tutors I have ever had in my educational experience. Jerry has been tutoring and mentoring me since I was still in elementary school and he has definitely provided a positive impact on my life. I have been through countless tutors and after-school programs and after experiencing different teaching styles, Jerry has helped me the most. Jerry is not only incredibly knowledgeable in mathematics but also knows how to develop a great student- teacher relationship. Jerry can keeps his students interested in whatever subject he is teaching and his style has provided me with countless educational achievements. Compared to my peers when I was in school I was always ahead of them. I was a master at the lesson before the teacher had taught because Jerry had already helped me learn and master whatever I was currently learning in school.


I gained a lot by being one of MTG’s math students. I have always preferred math over any other subject ever since I was little, and with Jerry as my teacher, I loved it even more. He taught me Calculus and made it seem easy which made me love the subject. I thrived in my math classes in high school all because of MTG. They prepped me well and caused me to enjoy doing math. Jerry was a very good teacher; strict in his methods yet very caring about whether or not his students understand the content. I would say I even had fun being Jerry’s student because when he wasn’t drilling math formulas into my head, he was funny and easy to talk to.


 Since my sophomore year of high school I have been with MTG Education group, and MTG has offered me their undivided attention on both my academics as well as mycollege application process. Math was not my forte, yet the teacher of MTG was able to make difficult mathematic concepts easy to understand through helpful explanations and extra practices. The teachers in MTG are helpful, and are always happy to assist students with their questions. Though I struggled in the beginning of my AP Calculus class, I was able to understand the difficult concepts in Calculus and pass the AP exam with a score of 5 all thanks to MTG.

One thing that I am most grateful about MTG, however, is its college consulting program. College application is extremely difficult without a college application consultant, and I am glade that I had MTG to guide me through the process. The most important thing about the application process was the writing of personal statement. MTG does a great job of guiding their students through the writing process, making sure that the essay itself reflects the student. During my writing process, I’ve gone through several revisions, yet the teachers in MTG were always patient and eager to help, making my college application process less stressful compared to my other classmates. Overall, I am thankful to MTG for helping me through my application process, getting me one step closer to my dream. 


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